Take Control EP

by Free Sergio

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This is our debut EP
Recorded at Archive Studio
Mixed & mastered by Ralph Huber
Produced by Free Sergio
Alex Frey - Drums
Dani Nickel - Bass
Itay Mikel - Guitar
Galil Rapaport - Vocals, Guitar

All rights reserved © 2015


released July 13, 2015



all rights reserved


Free Sergio Israel

Free Sergio is a four-piece punk rock band from Israel.
Fucking up since 2009.

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Track Name: So Far Yet So Close
We got used to mediocrity,
Last time i checked your policy
The key word was tyranny
But as the people start to rise
As a result of all your lies
What's gonna be your alibi?

Equality isn't a part of your dictionary
Authorized theft has become something customary

Well, it feels like forever
In this unknown road
We're so far yet so close
It's time to take control
Like forever in this unknown road
We're so far yet so close
It's time to take control

If someone would have the guts to dare
To tell us what is wrong and fair
We'll push him down the fucking stairs
Because we're doing our best
To get rid of your rest
To get this weight off of our chest

You don't care who's on the blades of your swords
Manipulate desperate believers by twisting words

Well it's time to say what's on your mind
No one will shut you up, no one will brake you down
A real change might take more time
Have you ever wondered why...

Does it feel Like forever
In this unknown road
We're so far yet so close
It's time to take control
Track Name: Hate To Break It To Ya
I really don't think that you understand
I really don't think that you're smart enough to comprehend
When did the scene became all about fashion?
I thought it was about the music, attitude and passion
You follow all these rules
Just to be called a "punk"
What's rebellious about that,
You stupid fucking cunt?
You're spending more time on dyeing your hair
Instead of dedicating time to fight for what's fair

You're representing
everything that's wrong
With this movement
That has been here for so long
So will you tell me that i'm not true?
Well anything you say eventually will find its way to you

You're always talking about changing the world
When all you do is catching mold
Well you're just a hypocrite,
Filling everybody with your shit,
Trying to get into the beat
Polluting us all, you got no self control,
Convincing every motherfucker to get into a brawl
Take a note to self, you're a waste of breath
Fuck everything you stand for
And go fuck yourself
Track Name: From Euphoria To Depression
Is this a test?
It's like eating without feeling any taste
Everyday that passes by
I hate people even more
It feels like there's nothing good
To hold on to anymore

From euphoria to depression
I feel like that everyday
There's nothing new
There's nothing left to pray for

How does it feel when The world's crashing down on you
And there's nothing you can do?
And how does it feel when A second after
you feel better than ever?
Track Name: Paralyzed
Fake people
What will be the end?
Praise themselves
Like they have something to be proud of
I'm not paying attention
To what you say
I'm sick of hearing
About how you're better than anyone else

I know it's not the end
And i won't stay quiet for so long

Why you're doing it to yourself?
Stop pretended to be someone else
Your brain is paralyzed
I'm sick and tired of your lies

All you do is talk without an end
When do you get the time
To do something with your life?
So can you please shut up
And let me live my life
I don't wanna listen
To your fucking bullshit all the time

You've lost yourself
And no one's buying anything you say
Track Name: Small Profits
We've been through a lot
We deserve a little break out
We know what we worth
And that income isn't half of it
Over 20 years that we work our asses off
This routine life is getting on my nerves

And i know how hard you work for small profits
Yeah, i know how much you need me to be there

Take your time
Put (The Rules Away)
While i'm suffocating
Just don't be so frustrated

Most of our lives were thrown into the garbage
But we've got the time to work it all out
And even though we did never had it all
I was never missing anything

Sometimes we feel that our destination is different

Take your time
Put (The Rules Away)
While i'm suffocating
Just don't be so frustrated

So Frustrated
Track Name: Block The Entrances
Wounded in a battlefield
All these visions in your eyes
Starting to regret you bought and swallowed all their lies
They took your family away
Took the girl you most adored,
Funny to think this is the man you voted for

So tell me what's the score?
Because you are on the floor
But as for me...

(Voices whispering in my head)
I won't die for a flag
So please put it to an end, you gotta understand
(Block The Entrances)
Because this war is just about pride
(Block The Entrances)
Don't let anyone get in

Fight in the name of someone else,
They've convinced it's your war
You can choose to follow, you can choose to ignore

So tell me, what's the score?
Because you are on the floor
But as for me...

I'm suffocating under the lies you're telling
Time won't tell, i won't obey to your crimes
If anything i'd tear it all apart